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Clock mechanism
6.90лв. Ex Tax: 6.90лв.

Clock mechanism with arrows.Features:Power: 1x AA battery (not included)Dimensions: 55x55x15mmShaft ..

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Function Generator with Frequency Meter TF930
874.80лв. Ex Tax: 874.80лв.

Manufacturer AIM-TTI Type of meter frequency meter Kind of display used LCD, wi..

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Electronic caliper SD150
37.00лв. Ex Tax: 37.00лв.

Features: Range: 0 - 150/6" Reading: 0.01mm - 0.0005" premium quality: stainless, hardened steel Lo..

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OROMED ORO-SM2 COMFORT wrist blood pressure monitor
69.00лв. Ex Tax: 69.00лв.

Automatic, arm measurement Cardiac arrhythmia recognition (IHB) Large digital LCD display Average..

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Infrared Thermometer MT4612, -50...+580°C
84.90лв. Ex Tax: 84.90лв.

Specifications  Temperature Range -50°C~580°C(-58°F ~1076°F) ..

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Digital Multimeter MT1232
54.90лв. Ex Tax: 54.90лв.

Features: Complies with the newest CE CATIII safety standard, 1M drop protection. 3 3/4 digits 39..

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Digital Clamp Meter MT3266
29.90лв. Ex Tax: 29.90лв.

Features: 3 1/2 digits 1999 counts. 0.8% best accuracy. Portable and simple one-hand operation. Extr..

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Capacitance Meter MT5110
59.90лв. Ex Tax: 59.90лв.

Features: Complies with the newest CE safety standard 3 1/2 digits 1999 counts. High measuring accur..

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Analog Multimeter MT2018
37.90лв. Ex Tax: 37.90лв.

Features:  Complied with 2008 CE safety standard 20kΩ/V DC & 9,kΩ/V AC input sensi..

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Lux Meter MS6610
59.50лв. Ex Tax: 59.50лв.

Specifications:  LCD display /counts/ 1999 Ambient light ..

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Hygrometer HIT2
399.00лв. Ex Tax: 399.00лв.

Type of meter hygrometer Kind of display used LCD 3,5 digit Humidity measuring ran..

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Function Generator with Frequency Meter MFG8216A
385.00лв. Ex Tax: 385.00лв.

Features: 50Ω signal main output with adjustable reference level and 20 dB gain function othe..

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Digital Multimeter MT1210
26.70лв. Ex Tax: 26.70лв.

Features: Display: 3 1/2 digits, max.1999, size:50x30mm with backlight Manual ranging With a ba..

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Digital Multimeter M840D
19.50лв. Ex Tax: 19.50лв.

SPECIFICATIONS• DC voltage range: 200mV-1000V ±0,5%• АC voltage range: 200V-700V &p..

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Digital Multimeter M3900
18.90лв. Ex Tax: 18.90лв.

SPECIFICATIONS• DC voltage range: 0-200mV ±0,5%; 2/20/200/1kV ±0,8%• АC volt..

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