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MAS830L - Digital Multimeter, LCD (2000) Vdc, Vac, Adc, Ohm, MASTECH
39.90лв. Ex Tax: 39.90лв.

MAS830L - Digital Multimeter, LCD (2000) Vdc, Vac, Adc, Ohm, MASTECHRange Selection: ManualLCD Displ..

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Fuse finder with RCD tester PEAKTECH 3432
139.00лв. Ex Tax: 139.00лв.

The new PeakTech 3432 is a measuring device with which it is possible to detect fuses in a circuit..

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Digital Multimeter MS830B
32.00лв. Ex Tax: 32.00лв.

This multimeter has been designed according to IEC-1010 concerning electronic measuring instrume..

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Digital Oscilloscope PEAKTECH 1400, 2x5MHz
342.00лв. Ex Tax: 342.00лв.

    Specially developed for the education and hobby sector, this new series of..

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Measuring tip set PEAKTECH MKS-1
19.92лв. Ex Tax: 19.92лв.

Product information:"«PeakTech® MKS-1» BNC to 4 mm banana plug ~ measuring cable -100 cm length.Inpu..

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Thermoregulator STS3008
49.90лв. Ex Tax: 49.90лв.

Dual thermostat with two external temperature probes and output relays. Two independent temperature..

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MS8233A - Digital Multimeter, Vdc, Vac, Adc, Ohm, MASTECH
47.00лв. Ex Tax: 47.00лв.

SPECIFICATIONSRange Selection: ManualLCD Display /counts/: 2000Voltage DC: 200mV/2V/20V/200V±0.5%, 6..

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Tool case PEAKTECH 7245
78.96лв. Ex Tax: 78.96лв.

Dimensions (Outer)400 x 150 x 300 mm (WxHxD)Dimensions (Inner)380 x 140 x 285 mm (WxHxD)Load18kg..

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4 in 1 PH-Meter for PH/EC/TDS/TEMP PEAKTECH 5307
120.96лв. Ex Tax: 120.96лв.

Specifications:ATC:■Backlight:■Conductivity EC:0 ... 19990 μS/cmDigital counts:2.000Display Type:LCD..

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Clamp Adaptor PEAKTECH 4300
150.96лв. Ex Tax: 150.96лв.

Specifications: Input connector: 4 mm plug ..

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Digital RCD tester PEAKTECH 2710
340.32лв. Ex Tax: 340.32лв.

Specifications:Display Type:LCDOver voltage category:CAT III 600 VRCD-type:Normal (N), Selective (S)..

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Digital Milliohm Tester PEAKTECH 2705
274.80лв. Ex Tax: 274.80лв.

Specification:Digital counts:4.000Display Type:LCDMilliohm range:4 Ω, 40 Ω, 400 mΩResistance measur..

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Electronic Timer For School Bell TM626
119.00лв. Ex Tax: 119.00лв.

Description:Time controller provides automatic switching on and off at certain times of device. ..

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