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Relay TDS-0502L, 5V/2A with two contacts
3.50лв. Ex Tax: 3.50лв.

Specification:Relay type electromagneticContacts configuration DPDTRated coil voltage 5V DCAC contac..

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Relay RGK15-301, 12V/0.25A
1.50лв. Ex Tax: 1.50лв.

Specifications:Coil Voltage12 VDCCoil Resistance650 ohmCoil Power0.22 WIsolation coil/contact500 VAC..

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Relay GBR10-2-1124, 24V/8A
4.50лв. Ex Tax: 4.50лв.

Specifications:Coil Voltage24 VDCCoil Resistance1115 ohmCoil Power0.5 WIsolation coil/contact1500 VA..

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Relay D31A3210, 5V/1A
2.00лв. Ex Tax: 2.00лв.

Specification:  Relay type reed Contacts configuration SPST-NO Rated coi..

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Quartz resonators 11,059MHz, HC49/S
1.50лв. Ex Tax: 1.50лв.

Specification:Type of resonatorquartzFrequency11.059MHzResonator tolerance±30ppmCapacitance20pFPower..

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Potentiometer knob KP9
1.20лв. Ex Tax: 1.20лв.

Specification:  Type of accessories for potentiometer knob Material Aluminum ..

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Relay G2R-1-E 230VAC, 230V/16A
11.70лв. Ex Tax: 11.70лв.

Manufacturer OMRON OCB Type of relay electromagnetic Contacts configuration SPDT Rated coil voltage..

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Relay LEG24F, 24V/15A
1.90лв. Ex Tax: 1.90лв.

Specification:Relay type electromagneticContacts configuration SPDTRated coil voltage 24V DCAC conta..

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Capacitor for motors 80µF/450V+GRD
16.90лв. Ex Tax: 16.90лв.

Specification:  Capacitor type for motors, run Capacitance 80µF Operatin..

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Filter, anti-interference 1FM411-4R
10.60лв. Ex Tax: 10.60лв.

Manufacturer FILTERCON Type of filter anti-interference Max. operating current 4A Operating voltage ..

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Capacitor for motors 10µF/450V+GRD
5.90лв. Ex Tax: 5.90лв.

Specification:  Capacitor type for motors, run Capacitance 10µF Operatin..

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Capacitor for motors 4µF/450V+GRD
4.40лв. Ex Tax: 4.40лв.

Specification:  Capacitor type for motors, run Capacitance 4µF Operating..

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