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RFID Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3
89.00лв. Ex Tax: 89.00лв.

Upgraded Version of  Starter Kit  RFID Stepper Motor Learning Kits    Descrip..

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Arduino 9 - RGB Full color LED SMD Module
3.00лв. Ex Tax: 3.00лв.

RGB Full Color LED SMD Module consists of a 5050 SMD LED, use with limiting resistors to prevent bur..

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Arduino 8 - Laser Transmitter
3.00лв. Ex Tax: 3.00лв.

SpecificationsLaser transmitter module consists of a 650nm red laser diode head and a resistor...

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Arduino 67 - Ultimate KIT UNO R3
139.00лв. Ex Tax: 139.00лв.

Arduino programmable kit. Easy connection to a PC. List of components: 25pcs LED (white, yellow, blu..

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Arduino 66 - Development starter kit UNO R3 Mega2560
169.00лв. Ex Tax: 169.00лв.

Tutorial kit with 39 projects with detailed tutorials on CD.List of components:25pcs LED (white, yel..

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Arduino 65 - Development starter kit UNO R3
119.00лв. Ex Tax: 119.00лв.

KIT contains: 1pc Arduino UNO R3 basic module - Arduino Uno (clone) is a microcontroller development..

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Arduino 64 - TM4638 control panel
9.90лв. Ex Tax: 9.90лв.

TM4638 control panel for Arduino.Simple user interface to your Arduino project. 8 × display, 8..

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Arduino 63 - FM receiver for Arduino, module RRD102 V2.0 (IO RDA5807M)
3.50лв. Ex Tax: 3.50лв.

FM receiver for Arduino, module RRD102 V2.0 (IO RDA5807M).Mini PCB radio receiver for FM (76MHz - 10..

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Arduino 61 - Relay module with two relays
5.95лв. Ex Tax: 5.95лв.

Relay module with two relays for power control with optical separation for Arduino, Raspberry, etc. ..

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Arduino 60 - LIGHT SENSOR
3.00лв. Ex Tax: 3.00лв.

Light sensor module with semiconductor element with trimmer for setting the switching level. Power s..

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Arduino 6 - Passive Buzzer module
3.00лв. Ex Tax: 3.00лв.

SpecificationsBuzzer Module consists of a passive piezoelectric buzzer, it can generate tones betwee..

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5.00лв. Ex Tax: 5.00лв.

Vibration switch module with SW-420 sensor and adjustable sensitivity. Power supply 3.3 - 5V Dimensi..

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Arduino 58 - PIR312
7.90лв. Ex Tax: 7.90лв.

Small PIR module for motion indication.Power supply: DC 2.7 - 12V Consumption:..

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3.00лв. Ex Tax: 3.00лв.

Module with photoresistor for measuring the intensity of incident light. The analog output indicates..

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Arduino 56 - TRAFFIC LIGHT
4.50лв. Ex Tax: 4.50лв.

Module with three LEDs with a diameter of 8mm. Red, yellow and green light color - suitable as a tra..

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