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DC/DC step down module 12-48V/8A
16.90лв. Ex Tax: 16.90лв.

Input voltage: 8.5-48VOutput voltage: 12-48VMax output current: 8ASwitching frequency: 150KHZSize: 7..

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Protection for antenna input Surgender SE-1K
12.90лв. Ex Tax: 12.90лв.

ONYX is used on signal inputs. It is recommended to use the first device behind the ground or satell..

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Robot Rebel ZAB0117R
24.00лв. Ex Tax: 24.00лв.

Repeating words and sounds Built-in microphone and speakerMovable arms and legs Glowing eyes Compact..

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RFID access chip 125kHz + code
0.80лв. Ex Tax: 0.80лв.

RFID access chip 125kHz, pendant with code, rewriteable...

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Multifunction clock module, time + voltage + temperature
19.90лв. Ex Tax: 19.90лв.

The module with time display controlled by RTC DS3231 and backup battery, can measure input voltag..

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Oneboard computer RASPBERRY PI PICO
18.90лв. Ex Tax: 18.90лв.

RP2040 chip with 2MB FlashMicro-USB B port for power and data (and for Flash reprogramming)board mea..

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Module DC/DC converter step-down 2-16V/2A, LCD display
19.90лв. Ex Tax: 19.90лв.

DC / DC converter module from 5-20V to 2-16V at max 2A. Output voltage indicated on the LCD displa..

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DC/DC step up module with USB 2А
11.90лв. Ex Tax: 11.90лв.

Feature:1.Very convenient to use, plug in USB or micro USB can output 1.2v-24v adjustable voltage2.O..

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Touch Switch
23.95лв. Ex Tax: 23.95лв.

A circuit capable of opening and closing any circuit by simply touching its contacts. The relay cont..

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Stepper motor with control module
8.90лв. Ex Tax: 8.90лв.

Stepper motor with control module. Suitable for testing how a stepper motor works or simple applicat..

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RFID access chip 125kHz
1.45лв. Ex Tax: 1.45лв.

RFID access chip 125kHz, pendant, blue..

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