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Price 88лв. - 98лв.


Here with us you will find innovative and reliable solutions for 3D printing. Supplying high quality 3D printing solutions. Large portfolio of threads. PLA, PHA, ABS, etc.

Filament:XT LIGHTGREEN 1.75/750G
88.00лв. Ex Tax: 88.00лв.

Filament Type:CO-POLYESTER;Filament Diameter:1.75mm;Color:LIGHTGREEN ;Printing temperature:240...

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Filament:PLA/PHA SKYBLUE 1.75/750G
88.00лв. Ex Tax: 88.00лв.

Filament Type:PLA/PHA;Filament Diameter:1.75mm;Color:SKYBLUE ;Printing temperature:195...220°C;..

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Filament:NGEN DARK GREY 1.75/650G
89.00лв. Ex Tax: 89.00лв.

Filament Type:nGen_FLEXFilament Diameter:1.75mm;Color:NGEN DARK GREY Printing temperature:250....

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Filament: HT CLEAR 1.75/700G
98.00лв. Ex Tax: 98.00лв.

Filament Type:PLA;Filament Diameter:1.75mm;Color:HT CLEAR;Printing temperature:250...280°C;Mass net:..

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