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Training bench with instrument housing TB1400

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Лабораторна маса за обучение с оборудване TB1400

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Training bench + instrument housing

PC controllable with USB interface


1. Training bench (TB1000)

2. Instrument housing

. Oscilloscope: DQ21005  X1

. DC power supply: M10-TP3003D  X1

. Digital multimeter: MT8145  X1

. DDS function generator: SG32020  X1

. Solering station  X1

. AC outlet  X8

. Test leads holder: PTL2001  X2

Brief technical data of installed instruments

2.1 Oscilloscope: DQ21005

Bandwidth: 100MHz

Samling rate: 500MSa/s

Channels: 2

Vertical sensitivity: 2mV/div~50V/div

Horizontal range: 5nsdiv~50s/div

Trigger mode: Auto,Normal, Single

Math:  + ,- , x , /, FFT,DIFF,INT,SFFT

Panel interface: USB


2.2 DC power supply: M10-TP3003D

Output voltage: 0~30V×2, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V

Output current: 0~3A×2, 3A

Output mode: independent, series, parallel, store & recall

Panel interface: USB


2.3 Digital multimeter: MT8145

DC voltage: 80mV, 800mV, 8V, 80V, 800V, 1000V

AC voltage: 80mV, 800mV, 8V, 80V, 750V

DC current: 80mA, 800mA, 8A, 20A

AC current: 80mA, 800mA, 8A, 20A

Resistance: 800Ω, 8kΩ, 80kΩ, 800kΩ, 8MΩ, 80MΩ

Capacitance: 1nF, 10nF, 100nF, 1μF, 10μF, 100μF

Frequency: 999099Hz~1000.0MHz


Panel interface: USB


2.4 DDS function generator: SG32020

Channels: A, B

Output frequency: 1uHz~20MHz

Output waveform: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Triangle, arbitrary

Modulation: AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PSK

Panel interface: USB


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