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Measuring kit FLK-179-2/IMSK FLUKE

  • 1,524.00лв.

FLUKE FLK-179-2/IMSK - MULT FLK-179-2/IMSK FLUKE - multimeter FLUKE - Delivery up to 7 business days!Standard equipment:clamp meter FLK-323crocodile clips FLK-AC175digital multimeter FLK-179FLK-80BK-A drop-like K-type te

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Ex Tax: 1,524.00лв.

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Product Code: MULT FLK-179-2/IMSK FLUKE

Tags:  FLUKE FLK-179-2/IMSKMULT FLK-179-2/IMSK FLUKEmultimeter FLUKE

Delivery up to 7 business days!

Standard equipment:
  • clamp meter FLK-323
  • crocodile clips FLK-AC175
  • digital multimeter FLK-179
  • FLK-80BK-A drop-like K-type temperature probe
  • FLK-TL75 test leads
  • user's manual

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