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Digital soldering station FX-888D HAKKO Silver
329.00лв. Ex Tax: 329.00лв.

Reliable digital technology from HAKKO. The HAKKO FX888D Silver digital soldering station ..

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Soldering iron ZD715L 200W
49.00лв. Ex Tax: 49.00лв.

Temperature:  480°C±10%;Soldering tip: chisel Ø 14.0 mmVoltage: 220~240VAC;Power: 200W...

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Replacement Tip 100W SI124B
9.50лв. Ex Tax: 9.50лв.

Specification:  Tip type for sold. irons with heating element Tip shape conica..

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Soldering iron ZD911 40W
13.95лв. Ex Tax: 13.95лв.

Voltage: 220~240VAC;Working temperature after heating: 300°CPower: 40W...

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Antistatic silicone soldering pad 45x30
38.90лв. Ex Tax: 38.90лв.

Multi-functional, anti-static silicone service mat. A must have for every hobbyist and professional ..

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Replacement Tip for SS331 NZ3
11.95лв. Ex Tax: 11.95лв.

Replacement tip for soldering station SS331 - 1.5mm...

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Replacement Soldering Iron For SS-259-SI
149.00лв. Ex Tax: 149.00лв.

Replacement Soldering Iron For SS-259-SIPower: 90 W;Iron operating voltage: 24 V AC;Heating Ele..

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Gas Soldering iron;ARS-ES660M; 200÷400°C; 15ml; 60min.;piezoelectric lighter;
67.00лв. Ex Tax: 67.00лв.

Type of soldering irongasKind of gasbutaneTank capacity15mlOperating modesheating up with hot flame,..

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Gas Soldering iron;FUT.SKC-70; 80W; 200÷650°C; 28ml;
204.00лв. Ex Tax: 204.00лв.

Type of soldering irongasPower80WTip temperature200...650°CTank capacity28mlSoldering iron length265..

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Gas Soldering iron;FUT.SKC-60; 60W; 200÷650°C; 14ml; 75min.;
119.00лв. Ex Tax: 119.00лв.

Type of soldering irongasPower60WTip temperature200...650°CTank capacity14mlSoldering iron length208..

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Gas Soldering iron;DREMEL-VERSATIP; 1200°C; 17ml; 90min; piezoelectric lighter; metal case;
180.00лв. Ex Tax: 180.00лв.

Type of soldering irongasFlame temperature1200°CTank capacity17mlSoldering iron length210mmSoldering..

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Gas Soldering iron;JBC-SG1070; 25÷125W; 1300°C; Air flow temp: 625°C
168.00лв. Ex Tax: 168.00лв.

Type of soldering irongasPower25...125WFlame temperature1300°CSoldering iron weight140gAir flow temp..

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Gas burner; PAL-7350;1300°C; 68ml; piezoelectric lighter;
58.00лв. Ex Tax: 58.00лв.

Type of burnergasKind of gasbutaneFlame temperature1300°CTank capacity68mlOperating modesburner, sin..

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Soldering iron ZD701 300W
59.90лв. Ex Tax: 59.90лв.

Temperature:  540°C±10%;Voltage: 220~240VAC;Power: 300W...

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Soldering Iron ZD406 40W
14.50лв. Ex Tax: 14.50лв.

Voltage 220~240V Consumption 40(W) Temperature 440°C±10% ..

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