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Non-Insulated Open Barrel Connectors & D-SUB V.35 Crimping Tool 6PK301U
63.90лв. Ex Tax: 63.90лв.

For female & male D-SUB V.35 minuature contacts.Material: AS45CHRC: 45±3;Application: 0.5-2.5mm²..

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Crimper CP376TA Cat.7
79.50лв. Ex Tax: 79.50лв.

Professional Modular Crimp Tool for RG45 Cat. 5, 6, 7 with adjustable die.Material: S50C;Handle: Gre..

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Modular Crimping Tool TEL0091
9.90лв. Ex Tax: 9.90лв.

Crimping tool for modular connectors. Material: Low carbon steel;Application: RJ11 (4P6C), RJ12..

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Modular Crimping Tool TEL0082
12.90лв. Ex Tax: 12.90лв.

Metal crimping tool for modular connectors. Material: Low carbon steel;Application: RJ45 (8P8C)..

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Modular Crimping Tool HT2094
18.00лв. Ex Tax: 18.00лв.

RJ11 4P4C Metal Crimping Tool. Material: Low carbon steel;Application: RJ11 (4P4C & 4P2C);OAL(m..

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IDC connector crimper HT214
34.90лв. Ex Tax: 34.90лв.

Specification: Tool type IDC connector crimping Crimp tool application crimping IDC..

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D-Sub Contact Crimping Tool HT336U
49.00лв. Ex Tax: 49.00лв.

For female & male D-SUB minuature contacts.Application: 0.05-0.25, 0.5-1.0mm²;OAL(mm): 205...

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Crimper HT336C
49.00лв. Ex Tax: 49.00лв.

Powerful ratchet crimping tool for crimping BNC, TNC, F connectors etc. to RG6, RG58, RG59 and RG62 ..

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Crimper HT301S
29.00лв. Ex Tax: 29.00лв.

Pin Terminals Crimping Tool.Application (mm²): 16, 10, 6 (DIN).OAL(mm): 220...

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Crimper HT301A
46.90лв. Ex Tax: 46.90лв.

A high quality ratchet hex tool designed to crimp F, BNC, TNC, N, PTFE, Thinnet-PVC and fibre optic ..

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Crimper HT202B
19.90лв. Ex Tax: 19.90лв.

Terminal Crimping Tool for D-Sub. Material: S45C; Application (mm²): 0,08...0,14mm2 (..

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Crimper CP806
49.90лв. Ex Tax: 49.90лв.

Waterproof Connectors Crimping Tool. Compression tool for waterproof connectors such as RG-58, ..

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Crimper CP462G
84.90лв. Ex Tax: 84.90лв.

Wire Ferrule Crimp Tool-Square Crimp. Adjustable ratchet and leveraction construction reduces f..

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Crimper CP416
35.90лв. Ex Tax: 35.90лв.

Cutter/Stripper & Crimper.Material: Body - S45C, Die set - 4140, Handle - PVC;HRC: 43~45°;Applic..

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CrimpPro Crimp Frame Only CP371
48.90лв. Ex Tax: 48.90лв.

Ergo-Lunar Crimp Frame Only.40-50% lower crimp force.Decreases work-related injuries.ncreases produc..

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