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Ultrasonic Cleaner DK-300H
422.00лв. Ex Tax: 422.00лв.

The ultrasonic cleaner DK-300H operates on the basis of ultrasonic waves, which are transf..

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Andonstar AD409 Pro-ES microscope
998.40лв. Ex Tax: 998.40лв.

The Andonstar AD409 Pro-ES microscope is a digital microscope that comes with an endoscope..

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G1200 7" Digital Microscope 12MP 1-1200X
299.00лв. Ex Tax: 299.00лв.

7-inch LCD screen G1200 microscope, the bracket can be rotated at any angle forward and backward..

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All Purpose Snip SR338
23.20лв. Ex Tax: 23.20лв.

Specifications:‧ Cut cable, wire cloth, carpet, leather, cardboard tin plate, branches, foam rubber ..

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Static Dissipatve Mat 8BM405A
59.00лв. Ex Tax: 59.00лв.

MaterialFace layer: 0.2mm laminated PVCCenter layer:1.7mm PVC foamBottom layer:0.1mm PVC foamCombina..

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Multi-Purpose Pruning Saw SW201
34.90лв. Ex Tax: 34.90лв.

•Impulse-hardened teeth to increase their hardness and lifespan of the blade•Durable precision 3-Edg..

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Ultrasonic Cleaner GETI GUC2501
254.00лв. Ex Tax: 254.00лв.

DescriptionThe ultrasonic cleaner Geti GUC 2501 operates on the basis of ultrasonic waves, which..

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Additional camera with 2 meter gooseneck for PeakTech 5600
148.80лв. Ex Tax: 148.80лв.

Specification:Camera Ø:8,2mmIngress protection:IP 67LED-lamp:■..

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Endoscope Peaktech 5600
358.80лв. Ex Tax: 358.80лв.

Video Borescope, Color TFT, USB and SD cardDetachable, wired 3,5“ color TFT displayHD 720p video rec..

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Endoscope - Inspection camera Y102 with cable 5m
49.00лв. Ex Tax: 49.00лв.

Endoscope for use with smartphones or classic PCs. The device is supported by Android phones that ..

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Ultrasonic Cleaner GETI GUC851
149.00лв. Ex Tax: 149.00лв.

Geti GUC 851 Ultrasonic Cleaner cleans everything from surface dirt using only water and vibration..

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LM570R-I Laser Level
89.90лв. Ex Tax: 89.90лв.

SpecificationsLM570R-IDisplay typeRedLaser type1V1HExpanded AngleH110°/V110°Laser classClass 2Light ..

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Smoke Absorber SS593B
98.00лв. Ex Tax: 98.00лв.

Remove noxious fumes quickly, safely and efficientlyThe fan is fully adjustable, quiet, and long ser..

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