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Lux Meter UT383BT
49.90лв. Ex Tax: 49.90лв.

SpecificationsUT383UT383 BTIlluminance measurement (LUX)0~199,900Lux0~199,900LuxIlluminance measurem..

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Pocket-sized Residential Multimeter UT123D
45.90лв. Ex Tax: 45.90лв.

SpecificationsRangeUT123DDC voltage (V)600V±(0.5%+3)AC voltage (V)600V±(0.8%+3)DC Current (A)10A±(1%..

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AC Voltage Detector UT12E-EU
24.90лв. Ex Tax: 24.90лв.

SpecificationsModelUT12E-EUAC voltage (Low)24V~1000VAC voltage (High)90V~1000VFrequency range50/60Hz..

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Digital Micro Ohm Meter UT620A
995.00лв. Ex Tax: 995.00лв.

Specifications:Type of metermilli-ohm meterResistance measuring accuracy±(0,25% + 25 digits)Measurin..

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UTI260B Heavy Duty Thermal Camera
828.00лв. Ex Tax: 828.00лв.

Type of meterinfrared cameraKind of display usedLCD TFT 2,8"Camera resolution120x90Refresh rate9HzTe..

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Power Supply UTP3305-II
645.00лв. Ex Tax: 645.00лв.

Type of power supplylaboratoryKind of power supplylinear, multi-channelKind of display usedLEDNumber..

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Clamp Adaptor UT-CS06A
49.90лв. Ex Tax: 49.90лв.

UT-CS06A has the ability to measure alternating current up to 400 A. The reliable measurement a..

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UT345C Gas Tank Level Tester
119.00лв. Ex Tax: 119.00лв.

The UT345C is a portable gas tank level tester using ultrasonic detection technology. This..

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Geiger counter for radioactivity UT334A
249.00лв. Ex Tax: 249.00лв.

The UT334A Radioactivity Geiger Counter is a compact detector used to monitor beta(β), gam..

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Professional Multimeter UT196 PRO SOLAR
299.00лв. Ex Tax: 299.00лв.

Type of meterdigital multimeterMeasurementAC voltage, capacitance, DC voltage, frequency, resistance..

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Digital Clamp Multimeter UT202+
62.90лв. Ex Tax: 62.90лв.

SPECIFICATIONS:Type of metermultifunctionKind of meterdigital, pincers typeKind of display usedLCDDi..

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Generator: arbitrary, function; 60MHz; LCD TFT
559.00лв. Ex Tax: 559.00лв.

Type of generatorarbitrary, functionMaximum waveform frequency60MHzWaveform frequency range1µHz...10..

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Bluetooth Digital Multimeter UT60BT
94.90лв. Ex Tax: 94.90лв.

SpecificationRangeUT60BTDC Voltage9.999mV/99.99mV/999.9mV/9.999V/99.99V/999.9V±(0.5%+3)AC Voltage9.9..

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Digital RCD (ELCB) Tester UT582+
295.00лв. Ex Tax: 295.00лв.

Specifications Range UT582+ RCD measurement Range setting Rated operating current Trip tim..

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Insulation Resistance Tester UT501B
199.00лв. Ex Tax: 199.00лв.

SpecificationsRangeUT501BInsulation resistance (Ω)Test voltages250V/500V/1000V0%~10%250V0MΩ~99.9MΩ±(..

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