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Desoldering Wick FELDER 1.5мм 1.6м
8.90лв. Ex Tax: 8.90лв.

Felder desoldering braid is an extremely absorbent copper stranded wire soaked with halogen-free no-..

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Desoldering Pump ZD190
6.90лв. Ex Tax: 6.90лв.

The ZD-190 (NB-2) is a reliable desoldering pump with high suction power, a compact design, and simp..

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8Pcs Tweezer Set
18.90лв. Ex Tax: 18.90лв.

The 8-piece tweezers set from PCWork is the perfect tool for working with delicate electronic compon..

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Ultrasonic Cleaner DK-300H
422.00лв. Ex Tax: 422.00лв.

The ultrasonic cleaner DK-300H operates on the basis of ultrasonic waves, which are transf..

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Cable XLR,M-XLR,F-2,00m-HQM104
11.90лв. Ex Tax: 11.90лв.

Connector 1 XLR, Male Connector 2 XLR, Female Length 2.00m &nbs..

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Step-up and Down Transformer 5000W BLOW
459.00лв. Ex Tax: 459.00лв.

VOLTAGE CONVERTER CONVERTER 110V - 230V BLOW PRT-5000W.Voltage converter designed to reduce AC volta..

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Arduino 75 - Smart house kit with ARDUINO
249.00лв. Ex Tax: 249.00лв.

The smart house kit with Arduino will playfully introduce you to the typical functions of a sma..

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Arduino 74 - Development starter kit UNO R3 M386D
119.00лв. Ex Tax: 119.00лв.

Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit.The UNO R3 Super Starter Kit from Elegoo offers the perfect introduc..

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Arduino 76 - Development starter kit UNO R3 M386C
59.00лв. Ex Tax: 59.00лв.

Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit.The set consists of:5 pcs Yellow LED5pcs green LED5 pcs. Red LED1pc RGB L..

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Active Speaker PL115А FUN GENERATION
419.00лв. Ex Tax: 419.00лв.

Active 2-Way SpeakerEquipped with: 15" Speaker and 1" compression driverPower: 600 W Peak / 140 W (R..

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Arduino 73 - MP3 PLAYER MINI
9.90лв. Ex Tax: 9.90лв.

MP3 player for Arduino, which can also work in autonomous mode. Including nf amplifier 3W. Micro SD ..

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Analog-arrow multimeter MS306
317.00лв. Ex Tax: 317.00лв.

Type of meteranalogue multimeterKind of display usedanalogueDC voltage measuring range100mV/2.5V/10V..

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Wireless microphone system PD504B 4CH
695.00лв. Ex Tax: 695.00лв.

BrandPower DynamicsProduct colourBlackOutput connectionsXLR (3-pin)Microphone channels50 channelsFre..

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Desoldering Pump RND560
11.90лв. Ex Tax: 11.90лв.

Material: Aluminum;Suction capability: 32cm-Hg;OAL (mm): 200...

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0.00лв. Ex Tax: 0.00лв.

The arduino learning pack II is an electronics design platform based on arduino. It' s compatible wi..

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